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Hi, I am Stacy! I am a Senior Graphic Designer based in New York City. I specialized in digital and print. I love to create human-centered and user-friendly products. I am constantly exploring new skills, my newfound interest is in UX design and design thinking. As you can see from my portfolio, I have a huge passion and skills in web design, multimedia, illustration, photography, and education. 

I am currently working as a freelance Graphic design consultant for the New York City Department of Education. My experience includes at Healthfirst, a New York-based health insurance company. Before Heathfirst, I also worked at HFC Child Development Center to oversee all the print and digital files to give high-quality standard information for the students and staff. I am also fortunate to work for Ralph Lauren, Accessory Exchange, and other companies.

For a while, I taught arts to children from ages 4-12. My students include special needs. I love to introduce them to the imagination in creativity. I am always curious about the current design trends. In late 2017, while I was attending different design-related events, somehow UX design always comes up. That had opened up my eyes to the user center design. In 2019, I took FIT's UXD certificate class. I have learned about User research, prototyping, wireframe from this class. I am hoping this skill will help me create more user-friendly designs.

I am a huge sports fan, especially during the Olympic season. I love to see the sportsmanship that the athletes had for each other. In addition to being a sports fan, I also enjoy watching the panda family from Taipei Zoo, movie reviews, TED Talks, and design-related videos for inspiration. 

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