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Website Design / Print Design

Odyssey to Light

The odyssey to Light is an annual evangelistic retreat for Chinese college students in America to discover that life is more than academic achievement. I have created a logo and promotional poster, and a website. The website was for promoting, registering, and update event news. The design reflects the theme to highlight the retreat's role-play game "Antidote."


This event was The odyssey to Light's second-year annual retreat during the college's spring break. Many Chinese students are from over-sea, so they most likely will stay locally or plan domestic trips. They need an online platform to promote the event. The website was to help introduce the program, answer questions and gave more information to attendees. 

The Goal

The goal is to create a website for the students to receive information in the most efficient way.

User Research

  • Some students will attend the event if their friends are going.

  • They have no plan during the spring break.

  • They will go if it sounds interesting, and they will have fun.


  • I have created a website with the intention for students can register easily.

  • By providing the QR code on the posters, to direct students easy access to the website.

  • The website shows invitations, event schedules, highlights of the event, past event success, and Q&A.

Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 7.41.21 AM


College students always searching for fun and exciting activities during their vacation. Through this design experience, I can understand what makes the students interested in attending. They want to enjoy life and create fun memories with their friends. 

Print Design

I have created promotional posters to guide the students to the websites and event booklets for the attendees to use.

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