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Website Design

Herald Family Care

Herald Family Care was a start-up nonprofit organization. They provide daycare services for children from 2 to 5 years old Christian values education in New York. To showcase the organization's facilities, programs, and upcoming events, I have created printed materials and redesign the full-scale information website.


Herald Family Care had a pre-existing website that showed their school program, activities, facilities, and contact. However, the contact isn't properly set up, so the parents might not hear back from the school for a while. There isn't enough information for the parents to consider visit the school in person with their children.

The Goal

The goal is to understand parent’s needs and to give a solution that better allows prospect parents to learn about the school and communication. 

User Research

During my two years working there, I have talked to over 100 parents, and many of them are prospect parents. Most of the time I have listen to them and learn their reasons on looking for first school for their children. They also talked about their concerns when looking for the right school.


  1. They need to work and there were no one can take care of the child during the day.

  2. They want their child to have same-age friends.

  3. The child is getting too active for the grandparents / nanny to take care.

  4. They want to introduce school setting to their child and wish he/she enjoyed learning.


  1. Will this be a positive and healthy early learning environment for the child?

  2. Will the child / other family members like the school?

  3. Is the tuition reasonable compare with the other school? Why some school are cheaper?


  • I redesigned the website layout, created brand color. I have used purple and pink as the primary color and lime green as a secondary color. The website background is white, so the information is easy to read. 

  • I reorganized the navigation bar, which showed the parents all the information they need, in the orders that makes sense to them. From about the school, the programs, the facilities, parents' testimony, another program, and contact. This can help them get the fundamental ideas about the school.

  • I added a "contact us" section, so the interested parents can be reached out with their questions. Since then, email communication has increased by 15%. 



Parents always looking for the best educational environment for their children, starting from a young age. Through this design experience, I was able to understand that each parent had different reasons to enroll their children in the school of their choice, but ultimately they want their children's first school experience to be a happy and healthy one. 

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