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Based in New York City, Stacy Cheng is a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, and educator.
She currently working as Graphic Coordinator at HFC Child Development Center. At HFC, she oversees all the print and digital files to provide a high quality standard information for the students and staffs. Prior to HFC, Stacy worked for Ralph Lauren, Accessory Exchange, and Z-ply. In addition to her day job, she had spend some time teaching arts to young children, introducing them to the imagination creativity and participated at an event as creative art director. She is extremely curious about the current design trends including web developing and UX design. She has been attending different industry related events to keep her skills up to date.
Stacy is a huge sports fan especially during Olympic season. She gets excited watching the athletes compete, but most of all the sportsmanship that are impacting others. In addition of being a sports fan, Stacy enjoys watching TED Talks, design related talk.
HC1_eagel logo_Final_2020_0412-02
2018_1222_Christmas Concert
Odyssey to Light 2016
Herald Family Care
Brand Design
Masterpiece Special
Olivia & Joy
Packaging Design
XOXO, Walmart
Church Retreat Cover
Lineage 2016 Promotional Card
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