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Stacy Cheng, Senior Graphic Designer

Extremely passionate and creative graphic designer with expertise in Visual Design, Website Design, Problem Solving, Multilingual Communicator, Detail Organizer, Interaction Design, Branding (Identity), Photo Retouch, Digital Illustration, and HTML/CSS. Recognized as a talented problem solver with a unique skill-set that spans various disciplines. Phenomenal of designing websites and print with knowledge of design structures. Over seven years of experience in understanding and developing various brands into successful products to present across multiple platforms.


  • Visual Design

  • Website Design

  • Problem Solving

  • Multilingual Communicator

  • Detail Organizer

  • Interaction Design

  • Branding (Identity)

  • Photo Retouch

  • Digital Illustration



Herald Family Care - Child Development Center

Odyssey to Light

Odyssey to Light - An evangelistic retreat for Chinese college student


Patrick O'Neill Website - A writing editor

Fun Art Therapy

Fun Art Therapy - A program for special needs children and their parents


Masterpiece Special - To help special need adults to learn a set of skills and to provide them a equal working opportunity


Brand Identity


Chinese Mission Convention 2016 - Unleashed Youth Program Poster


Lineage - A Christian young adult gathering even by Epic Movement and Lineage

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