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Patrick O'Neill

Website Design

Patrick O'Neill is a creative VOICE OVERS, WRITING, EDITING 
FOR RADIO & MULTIMEDIA. This website's layouts are created in Photoshop. Coded with HTML/CSS. To make sure each web pages are user-friendly, all the buttons are user-friendly to navigate, so the visitors could have a great interactive experience when visiting the site.


Patrick needs a personal portfolio website that showcase his past work including writing, voice over, and multimedia. 

However, the parents didn't have a place to contact the school and enough information to decide whether they likes to send their children to the school. The goal is to understand parent’s need and to provide a solution that better allows prospect parents to access school information and communication. 


  • I redesigned the website layout, created brand color. By using three colors, I have used purple and pink as primary color and lime green as secondary color. Keep the website background clean, so the information is easy to read. 

  • I reorganized navigation bar, that showed the parents all the information they need, with the order that makes sense to them. From about the school, the program, the facilities, parents' testimony, other program, to contact. This can help them get the fundamental ideas about the school.

  • I added a "contact us" section, so the prospect parents can reached out with their questions. Since then, the email communication has increased up by 15%. 


Parents always looking for the best educational environment for their children, starting from their young age. Through this design experience, I was able to understand that each parents had different reason to enroll their children to the school of their choice, but ultimately they wants their children's first school experience was a happy and healthy one. 

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